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Rob Avery is the most prolific author and publisher of Pilot Theory manuals, courses and practice exams in the Australasian region. All pilot licence theory levels are now covered from Basic Aeronautical Knowledge to Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL). His products dominate the pilot training industry, there are dozens of products in the current range, from full courses, study reference books, to practice exams.

Rob Avery started flying as a teenager in 1975 and still holds a professional pilots licence. He is the owner of Avfacts, which is based in the fabulous super-natural state of Tasmania, and he writes most of the texts and exams. He has run pilot theory courses since 1992, and his name is well known and synonymous with training excellence. His products are used under licence by some of the most prestigious organisations in Australasia, including technical colleges, airlines, flight schools and Universities.

Rob Avery created the first online pilot theory training course in the region at the dawn of the Internet age, allowing worldwide student access 24/7

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